Name Antigonos
Japanese アンティゴノス
Greek Ἀντίγονος
Gender Male
Status Alive
Real world
Historical Historical figure
Wikipedia Antigonus I Monophthalmus

Antigonos (Japanese: アンティゴノス, Greek: Ἀντίγονος) was a Macedonian noble who lived from 382 to 301 B.C. He makes his first appearance in Chapter 3: Hometown Kardia (2) of Historiē.

Appearance Edit

Antigonos is very recognizable due to his eye patch. He also has a rather strong build and black hair with a beard. His long clothes indicate he is not of poor standing.

Personality Edit

Antigonos is rather bossy. He seems superior not only to the two men who accompany him, but is also quite persistent when asking Eumenes to do things for him, such as guiding him through Kardia.

Story Edit

Antigonos first appears in Chapter 3: Hometown Kardia (2), when he and his two companions come running to Kardia's gates to join Eumenes and the old lady, who are trying to get in the city. Antigonos there explains Eumenes that he is a merchant from Perinthos who is visiting an old friend.

When the group finally gets in Kardia and they part ways with the old lady, Antigonos asks Eumenes to take him to the house of Hieronymus.

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