Name Aristoteles
Japanese アリストテレス
Greek Ἀριστοτέλης
Gender Male
Status Alive
Allegiance Greece

Aristoteles is a Greek philosopher. He first appears in Historiē in Chapter 1: The Globe and seems to be rather well-known, as for instance King Hermias and the travellers on the Hellespont know him.

Appearance Edit

Aristoteles is a middle-aged man with black hair and a beard. He wears a long robe with a travelling cloak over it.

Personality Edit

The philosopher is calm and intelligent.

Story Edit

Aristoteles first appears while travelling the ruins of Troas along with Callisthenes and his slave, Biktas. He walks over the beach along with them, where he finds Eumenes resting on the edge of a boat. As Callisthenes asks for the boat from Eumenes impatiently, he apologizes to him and observes the branches. Eumenes then presents the bronze snake, scaring Callisthenes, to which, he figures out the mechanism of the paddling.

Relationships Edit

Aristoteles has or has had several students. Both King Hermias and Callisthenes are amongst them.

References Edit