Name Barbarians
Japanese バルバロイ
Romanized Barubaroi
Greek Βάρβαροι

A barbarian can mean the same thing as a savage, however in ancient Greece it also had the meaning of a non-Greek person. Even though ancient Greece was divided into many city-states, they all referred to outsiders as barbarians.

In Historiē, this can also be noticed in the way the word is written on several occasions:

  • 蛮人 (banjin), with the reading バルバロイ (barubaroi) — savage, barbarian
  • 異民族 (iminzoku), with the reading バルバロイ (barubaroi) — different race or ethnic group
  • 土着民 (dochakumin), with the reading バルバロイ (barubaroi) — native people of an area
  • バルバロイ (barubaroi) — "barbaroi", transcription of the Greek word for barbarians
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