Name Barsine
Gender Female
Status Alive

Barsine (Japanese: バルシネ) is the general-governor of the province of Troas.


Barsine first appears in Chapter 1: The Globe on the day when Aristoteles, Callisthenes and Biktas leave. She shocks Eumenes by remarking the emblem on his necklace to be similar to Aphramazda's. She then reviews his boat's paddling system, and finds the working of the mechanism in an instant. She then asks about Aristotle, Callisthenes and Biktas to Eumenes, but gets interrupted by the horsemen of Troas. She then leaves with the horsemen.

Barsine again appears when Aristotle and Callisthenes ask Eumenes to take them with him. As they leave the beach, she races towards them, but fails to catch them. Later on, she meets Memnon, who asks about Aristoteles. She informs him about their escape.

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