The Globe
Title The Globe
Japanese 地球儀
Romanized Chikyūgi
Volume Volume 1
Length 41 pages
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Next Hometown Kardia (1)

The Globe (Japanese: 地球儀, Chikyūgi) is the first chapter of Historiē's first volume. It introduces a number of the main characters, such as Eumenes, Aristoteles and Memnon.

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Story Edit

The manga starts with the view of Eumenes walking over a beach, who finds a bronze snake. Then, the point of view is moved to Assos, where a soldier of commander Memnon is torturing king Hermias and his daughter. Memnon takes over the interrogation, but this does not get him any more information and at that point his ship is ready for a leave.

A few days later, Aristoteles, his student Callisthenes and their servant Biktas are climbing the Trojan hill to view the historic site. They go to the beach, where they meet Eumenes sitting on the edge on a boat. Callisthenes tries to convince the boy to sell them the boat, but he refuses, for he doesn't want to sell it nor does he have paddles. The four stay on the beach overnight and Eumenes and Aristoteles talk until late.

In the morning, the three say goodbye to Eumenes and leave again. While Eumenes is making paddles the way Aristoteles suggested him the day before, Barsine passes by to ask him if he has seen any travellers. The boy denies this, to which Barsine goes on her way. Not long after, Aristoteles and Callisthenes come running back to the beach, chased by Barsine's cavalry, and the three of them quickly step in the boat to flee.

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