Hometown Kardia (1)
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Title Hometown Kardia (1)
Japanese 故郷カルディア・1
Romanized Furusato Karudia • 1
Volume Volume 1
Length 17 pages
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Hometown Kardia (1) (Japanese: 故郷カルディア・1, Furusato Karudia • 1) is the second chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Story Edit

At the start of the chapter, Eumenes, Aristoteles and Callisthenes have just arrived on the beach north of the Hellespont. That moment, a horse cart passes by, with two travellers who recognize Aristoteles and his student. They stop and ask the two to join them. However, since their cart is full and they also think Eumenes is a slave, they tell him to do it by foot instead.

Eumenes therefore travels to Kardia by foot, but once arrived, he notices the city is surrounded by a Macedonian army, which he recognizes by their long lances. While he is standing there, he hears that the soldiers patrolling around the city shout Arararai, that the Macedonian king is present in person, and that an old lady is sitting on a rock, on a slope right outside the city walls.

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