Hometown Kardia (2)
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Title Hometown Kardia (2)
Japanese 故郷カルディア・2
Romanized Furusato Karudia • 2
Volume Volume 1
Length 20 pages
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Hometown Kardia (2) (Japanese: 故郷カルディア・2, Furusato Karudia • 2) is the third chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Story Edit

Eumenes sits idly on a rock near Kardia. As he begins to move, he sees an army marching with a pattern—outer front marches to the left while the inner front marches to the right. Due to their long spears, he recognizes them to be Macedonian. He meets an old lady, who too wishes to reach Kardia, to meet her son.

Both of them leave for Kardia. The old lady sits atop Eumenes, who carries her to the other side acting as a slave. To assert importance, he boasts about the lady being "noble". When they reach the other side, they ask the guards to open the gate, but get no response. Meanwhile, three odd-looking people also reach the gates. They all try their best to get the gate open, but the guards ask the to stop and go away.

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