Hometown Kardia (3)
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Title Hometown Kardia (3)
Japanese 故郷カルディア・3
Romanized Furusato Karudia • 3
Volume Volume 1
Length 19 pages
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Hometown Kardia (3) (Japanese: 故郷カルディア・3, Furusato Karudia • 3) is the fourth chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Story Edit

Eumenes asks for the contents inside Antigonos cairrage, to which, he opens the bag. He had planned to bribe the guards with the souvenirs, however, he fails as they were not valuable enough. Eumenes then asks for the old lady's husband's name. He then picks up a vessel from the souvenirs and begins to shout a made-up story about Ismenias, the husband of the old lady, in a rebellious attitude.

Eumenes screams at the guards. When they do not listen to him, he turns over to the Macedonian army and narrates the same story again. As he distracts the army, the army's commander appears in front of him. Before speaking anything, the guards of Kardia open the door, and allow them in.

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