The Library Room (1)
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Title The Library Room (1)
Japanese 図書室・1
Romanized Toshoshitsu • 1
Volume Volume 1
Length 21 pages
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Previous Hometown Kardia (3)
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The Library Room (1) (Japanese: 図書室・1, Toshoshitsu • 1) is the fifth chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Eumenes, the old lady, Antigonos and his companions, all get inside Kardia. As they part ways, the old lady offers them food and acknowledges Eumenes for his bravery. The old lady then leaves, and so does Eumenes. Antigonos stops him and asks him about Hieronymus. Eumenes becomes shocked and asks whether he referred to father or the son, as the father was already dead. Eumenes then leads Antigonos to Hieronymus' place.

Antigonos asks Eumenes why he was so confident that no one will attack the group. Eumenes explains his understanding of the situation: if the Macedonian army had to attack Kardia, they would not set up a single camp, but all around the city. The army was just a threat to the city. As Kardia stood as an important location for trade, it would not have been possible for Macedonia to conquer Athens.

Eumenes passes by Tolmides on the street, and the two seem to recognize each other. Eumenes further explains Antigonos the trade route between Kardia, Athens and Macedonia. He then discusses about the commander of the Macedonian army to him. Antigonos offers work to Eumenes, to which he hesitatingly agrees. He asks him to meet him by the plaza situated on the right side of the gates.

The four of them then reach Hieronymus' house, which appeared to be demolished. Eumenes enters the area, and founds it to be the burnt library. He finds the last scroll of Anabasis on the ground to begin reading it, but it breaks down. He then reminisces about his past.

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