The Library Room (2)
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Title The Library Room (2)
Japanese 図書室・2
Romanized Toshoshitsu • 2
Volume Volume 1
Length 20 pages
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The Library Room (2) (Japanese: 図書室・2, Toshoshitsu • 2) is the sixth chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Story Edit

A young Eumenes walks with Charon, his servant, in the markets of Kardia. He remembers about Thrace, the primary source of slaves. He remembers about his schooling and the library at his home. He reminisces about reading the scrolls in the library, and the recurring dream which he had. He is interrupted by Nicogenes, who offers him to come with him and his friends. Eumenes denies, as he already has plans. Tolmides understands the situation and takes everyone away with him.

As both Eumenes and Charon proceed through the market, Eumenes asks him about having a same dream again and again. Charon asks him his dream, to which he begins to narrate it:

There's a woman, a young Barbarian woman, and she's swinging a sword. She's surrounded by men who attack her one by one. But the woman's movement is so nimble and fearsome that she cuts all them down. But then, at one point—

Charon interrupts him, and asks him not to tell this dream to anyone, especially his father and mother. Eumenes then asks Charon to leave, as he would wait by the Scribe's.

Charon leaves, and Eumenes enters the shop. He asks the shopkeeper about the last scroll of Anabasis, to which he replies it had not arrived yet. Eumenes sighs, and the shopkeeper offers him to deliver the scroll at his home. He then offers him the first volume of Herodotus. Eumenes points out that he has already read it, and acknowledges the work.

Eumenes hears a familiar voice and leaves the shop. He sees Perialla and her servant. She asks her servant to leave her, as she'll go with Eumenes. The lady hesitatingly accepts and leaves. Eumenes meets with Perialla and they both leave.

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