The Scythian Way
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Title The Scythian Way
Japanese スキタイ流
Romanized Sukitai-ryuu
Volume Volume 1
Length 23 pages
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The Scythian Way (Japanese: スキタイ流, Sukitai-ryuu) is the eighth chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Theogeiton and the other master drag Thrax in the markets of Kardia. He rebels them, and they hit him in return. Eumenes, Tolmides, Nicogenes and Olvios look at the slave. They show sympathy and Eumenes defines the cruel nature of the Scythian: Upon victory, the Scythian would use their enemy's skin for making coats and their hands for making covers for satchels. This disgusted all, and they left the scene.

All gather up on a hilltop, where Eumenes begins to narrate the story of the Scythian army:

The Scythian army came to the Median empire, seeking help. The median kings were amazed by their hunting skills, and thus, warm welcomed them. Each day, they would search for the "game" for themselves and the king. Days passed, and they succeeded in capturing the "game". At last, a day came when there was no "game", and the king ill-treated the Scythian. Feeling humiliated and frustrated, they captured one of his sons, and served him as the "game". The king loved the meat of his own son. Soon, this became a ritual the Scythian used to follow.
Astyages, another one of the king's sons, survived the brutal Scythian method, and soon succeeded his father. He adopted the Scythian way for taking revenge on Harpagus, a loyal officer of his. Harpagus stayed loyal to the king, even after knowing about his son's "death". He worked under Astyages for many years, secretly conspiring against him. Soon, the Persian empire attacked the Medians. Harpagus betrayed Astyages, taking his revenge.

The whole story disgusted all, and they left. Eumenes left for the market, where he found Perialla. There, they found Thrax being teased by a few natives. They kicked him from the back and he fell. Eumenes spread out a hand for help. However, Thrax got up on his own, casting off his pride. He left, as Eumenes remembered about the cruel nature of the Scythian.