Gymnastics Drill
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Title Gymnastics Drill
Japanese 体育教練
Romanized Raiiku kyouren
Volume Volume 1
Length 21 pages
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Gymnastics Drill (Japanese: 体育教練, Taiiku kyouren) is the ninth and the final chapter of Historiē's first volume.

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Story Edit

The chapter starts with the explanation of the five physical training events, with corresponding scenes:

  1. Grappling: Nicogenes and Eumenes grapple each other, but Nicogenes easily pins Eumenes down, forcing Eumenes to give up.
  2. Discus Throw: Tolmides and the other students at the academy throws a discus into the air. Tolmides' discus heads into the wrong direction, when Nicogenes throws his one, farther than anyone else's.
  3. Javelin Throw: All students throw a javelin, a long spear, into the air. Nicogenes' javelin again reaches farther than anyone else's, which surprises their master.
  4. Running: Eumenes, Nicogenes and Tolmides run, when Eumenes easily beats them, winning the event.
  5. Running Long Jump: Eumenes runs up, with a pair of dumbbells in his hands. He jumps and lands at a point in the field. Nicogenes does the same, and lands at a farther distance than Eumenes.

Nicogenes wins all four events, to which he gains appreciation from the master and the other students. The master appreciates Eumenes' effort in running, and makes fun of him. The senior students watch the juniors and calls Nicogenes, and his friends for some "training".

Of all the five events, the seniors have two more events in their arsenal: Boxing and Pankration. The seniors have a boxing match with Nicogenes. They wound him severely, and ask Tolmides to enter the match. The seniors beat him too, when Eumenes has a vision of the same nightmare. Eumenes then stands up, and gets ready for the match. When the seniors discover about his father, they ask Olvios to come up for the match, whilst one of them leaves the area. The seniors easily beat him, when the Hieronymus the Younger enters the arena. Hieronymus hits Eumenes, and they fight.