Name Eumenes
Japanese エウメネス
Greek Εὐμένης
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family Father, mother, older brother
Real world
Historical Historical figure
Wikipedia Eumenes

Eumenes (Japanese: エウメネス) is the main character of Historiē. He is the first character to appear in the manga, in Chapter 1: The Globe. He comes from Kardia but is in Troia at the start of the story, where he is walking over the beach to find paddles for his small wooden boat.

Appearance Edit

Eumenes has rather short, black hair. He has a rather messy haircut, compared to when he was younger. He wears pants below his tunique, which is likely because it's functional for travelling.

Story Edit

At the start of the story, Eumenes is shortly seen walking over the beach, where he finds a bronze snake. His next appearance is when Aristoteles and Callisthenes, accompanied by Biktas, encounter him there, sitting on the edge of his boat. They try to convince him to sell them the boat, but Eumenes refuses this; he also doesn't have paddles anyway.

The four men stay on the beach for the night, where Eumenes and Aristoteles stayed up long talking. In the morning, they leave again. Eumenes builds the paddling device Aristoteles suggested to him the other day. While he is doing this, Barsine passes by to notice Eumenes' necklace carries the sign of the god Ahuramazda. She asks if he has seen a couple of men passing by, which Eumenes denies.

Barsine leaves again. Not long after, Aristoteles and Callisthenes—without Biktas—come running back to him, chased by Barsine and her soldiers. The three run into the boat and rush away from the coast, out of the Persians' reach.