BiktasCallisthenesChapter 10: Image of Victory
Chapter 11: FootstepsChapter 12: Thrax's Struggle (1)Chapter 13: Thrax's Struggle (2)
Chapter 14: Thrax's Struggle (3)Chapter 15: Two CorpsesChapter 16: Testimony
Chapter 17: A Different WorldChapter 18: Library (3)Chapter 19: Pendant
Chapter 1: The GlobeChapter 20: A Buyer AppearsChapter 21: Departure
Chapter 22: AntakaiosChapter 23: The ArgoChapter 24: In Paphlagonia (1)
Chapter 25: In Paphlagonia (2)Chapter 26: In Paphlagonia (3)Chapter 27: In Paphlagonia (4)
Chapter 28: In Paphlagonia (5)Chapter 29: In Paphlagonia (6)Chapter 2: Hometown Kardia (1)
Chapter 30: In Paphlagonia (7)Chapter 31: In Paphlagonia (8)Chapter 32: In Paphlagonia (9)
Chapter 33: In Paphlagonia (10)Chapter 34: In Paphlagonia (11)Chapter 35: In Paphlagonia (12)
Chapter 36: OdysseusChapter 37: Island of Lesbos - Biological Institute (1)Chapter 38: Island of Lesbos - Biological Institute (2)
Chapter 39: Hometown Kardia (4)Chapter 3: Hometown Kardia (2)Chapter 40: Hometown Kardia (5)
Chapter 41: Hometown Kardia (6)Chapter 42: Hometown Kardia (7)Chapter 43: Cyclops
Chapter 44: King of LushChapter 45: Attalos's HouseChapter 46: The General's Son
Chapter 48: Prince (1)Chapter 49: Prince (2)Chapter 4: Hometown Kardia (3)
Chapter 50: Prince (3)Chapter 51: Horseback Riding Class (1)Chapter 52: Horseback Riding Class (2)
Chapter 53: Horseback Riding Class (3)Chapter 5: The Library Room (1)Chapter 6: The Library Room (2)
Chapter 7: The Same DreamChapter 8: The Scythian WayChapter 9: Gymnastics Drill
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