Name Memnon
Japanese メムノン
Greek Μέμνων
Gender Male
Age Adult
Status Alive
Real world
Historical Historical figure
Wikipedia Memnon of Rhodes

Memnon (Japanese: メムノン, Greek: Μέμνων) is a Persian army commander. He has blond hair.

Appearance Edit

Memnon is blonde, with his hair pushed back. He carries armor with a cloak over it, indicating that he has a high position in the army.

Personality Edit

Memnon is shown as a serious yet calm man, not getting angry at his soldier for his methods of interrogation or at Hermias for not answering any of the questions.

Story Edit

Memnon first appears in Chapter 1: The Globe. He is the second character to appear, after Eumenes. In his first appearance, he is in Assos and goes to King Hermias, who is being interrogated. He interrogates Hermias, but the king refuses to answer. At the same time, his ship gets ready for a leave. Memnon again appears at the end of the chapter, questioning Barsine about Aristoteles.

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